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Monday, 11 May 2009

Green Arrow Streaming Server

  • Internal [ Installed inside your network ]
    Small form factor, super fast, super reliable and super small content delivery server. The Green Arrow Streaming Server is only 5.3” x 4.5”.
    Yet its capacity for content distribution inside your network is unbelievably powerful. The Green Arrow Streaming Server is WIFI equipped so you literally only need to turn it on, and your ready to distribute HD quality streaming media inside your network. Integrate into your current wireless infrastructure with multiple GASS servers or plug them into your Ethernet network. Either way, there has never been a simpler way to upgrade your network to full streaming media capabilities.

    Benefits Include:
    • Instant and fast streaming media delivery inside of your existing network infrastructure.
    • Deliver multiple file formats including Quicktime, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, and Flash Video, both standard and high definition.
    • Save money by delivering inside of your network, eliminate outside streaming media hosting fees.
    • Broadcast securely inside your network, view in-depth reports of connections and media delivery.
    • Broadcast Live video inside your network, instant live meetings, and easy recording of live streams.
    • Instantly publish your recorded content to the web.

  • External [ Hosted and Managed Solution ]
    The Green Arrow Streaming Service utilizes our robust, rapid, and reliable content delivery network and streaming media distribution servers. Online Video Distribution, High-Quality, and High-Performance Global Delivery of Streaming Online Video. TAKE ADVANTAGE of the Green Arrow Streaming Service to support your brand and marketing initiatives without investing in an internal infrastructure. Global Delivery of Live, On-Demand and Secure Content. Broadcast television-quality streaming online video without buffering delays or choppy images, through live, on-demand and secure options. Deliver custom, targeted streaming and interactive online video directly to your users around the world with Green Arrow's global, on-demand network of communication servers.

    Benefits Include:
    • Extremely fast streaming media delivery across the world anywhere / anytime, with 99.9% up-time.
    • Deliver multiple file formats including Quicktime, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, and Flash Video, both standard and high definition.
    • No large investment in network infrastructure integration.
    • Broadcast secure HD quality content
    • Broadcast Live video, instant live meetings, and easily record and archive your live streams.
    • No size limits, our utilization of virtual machines, aka "cloud hosting" allows us to provide limitless storage and bandwidth.

  • 1.800.799.0827
    Green Solution
    G.A.S.S is an extremely energy efficient content delivery solution, since almost all of our edge servers are virtual, otherwise known as "cloud hosted", and are not actual hardware servers. Your benefit to this is an extremely powerful content delivery network, with less downtime, which allows for almost infinite growth opportunities.