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Monday, 11 May 2009
Onimer ( c )

Onimer™ ( c ) ommunication

The functionality of Onimer ( c ) ommunication is to provide an online "meeting place." Typically, a moderator creates the "room," and participants enter via a particular Web address. Since users will not have to download an application in order to participate, this easy to use tool is a simple, fun, and informative tool that brings together the finest of social media allowing organizations to save time and money.

Click the demo link in the right column to view a demo conference room, type in any username you want and click "Guest". The demo room features:
  • An interactive whiteboard which allows all connect users to draw and interact on.
  • A list showing all connected users.
  • The ability for everyone connected to broadcast their web camera, or their wireless Onimer™ camera.
  • A button to speak ( you'll need a microphone on your computer ).
  • Shared Files ( upload a file and everyone can access it ).

Onimer™ ( c ) on Facebook
View the App
Onimer ( c ) has recently been ported onto the facebook platform allowing members to meet and video chat in real time. Onimer ( c ) facebook edition fully integrates with the facebook platform by pulling facebook users information as their account on Onimer ( c ). When a users launches the application, Onimer ( c ) will display their profile picture, profile information, and allow them to place the application directly on their profile page as a Tab. The user also has the ability to invite their friends to use the application.

The Facebook edition utilizes
  • FBML ( the facebook markup language )
  • Flash Media Server ( for video chat, text chat, and profile information and storage )
  • The Facebook PHP API ( for integration into facebook i.e. retrieving users information and integrating into Onimer )

( c ) communication Features

Once participants join a meeting, they can see everything the presenter/educator displays, and interact with the presenter/educator and with each other through various social media utilities such as:

  • Chat
    A feature that lets participants and presenters "talk" to each other via typed text chat during presentations. Some tools let all participants see such messages, while others allow for private one-on-one messaging. Some more advanced tools even provide for "breakout rooms" where multiple participants can chat privately.

  • Video conferencing
    Video conferencing tools let presenters interact through the use of video talking. Participants can also "stream" themselves via the use of a web cam.

  • Record Video & Audio
    Higher education organizations, sales organizations, etc., can utilize the record features of the video classroom to allow participants to "catch up" on past presentations, missed classes, or any other type of information that has been captured that needs to be communicated.

  • Peer to Peer & Group Conferencing
    Educators, teachers, social media mediators, corporations... anyone who needs to share information can now save time and money by "joining a meeting" right from your desk, dramatically enhancing communications between any number of associates and peers.