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Monday, 11 May 2009
Onimer ( v )

What is Onimer™ ( v ) ision ?

Onimer ( v ) is a web-based application that enables users to quickly set up their own internet TV station. Through Onimer ( v ), users can broadcast video, audio, and image media content in real time. Broadcasts can be set up through a user-friendly administration interface. Administrators schedule media content to broadcast to end viewers through a viewer end interface. All scheduled shows are broadcast in real time according to the time zone selected on the administration end. Since broadcasts are based on real time, they run on a calendar- based system that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means Onimer ( v ) works as a true TV station should work; it runs media at exactly the time it was scheduled without down time. All scheduled content can also be enabled for on demand functionality in the end user viewer interface. On demand playback can be enabled for all media content or can be enabled only after the media content has aired.

  • Online TV
    Broadcast your own internet TV station using the Onimer ( v ) including RTMPE security and HD quality video. Easy-to-use interface allows you to schedule your video, audio, or image files to broadcast at pre-determined times which you choose. A very flexible application, it allows for real-time video broadcasting, chat, video on demand, and a comprehensive reporting system. The Flex framework allows complete access to the client side code allowing for customization and skinning/branding by simply modifying the CSS files. Upload single YouTube videos or entire playlists, and mix it in with your custom content.

  • Full YouTube Integration
    With the YouTube integration, single videos or entire playlists from YouTube can now be uploaded to the TVStation application. The primary benefits of using YouTube videos with Onimer ( v ) is the publisher has instant access to YouTube's vast library of video content while allowing them to schedule the exact time and day when they want their videos played, The trade-off is that the YouTube logo must appear and videos are progressively downloaded versus streamed over RTMP.

  • Live Broadcasting
    Apart from scheduling pre-recorded content, Onimer ( v ) also has a built-in live broadcaster, which allows administrators to broadcast and/or record live video.The broadcaster comes with several camera and microphone settings to optimize the broadcast experience, this allows administrators to broadcast live hi-definition video to connected viewers. In addition to the live broadcaster is a full chat system allowing administrators and viewers to text chat with each other.

  • Broadcast Secure HD Content
    Onimer ( v ) works on Adobe Flash Media Server and the Adobe Flash Player web plug-in. Since the Flash Player is installed on 98% of all web-enabled computers, it gives immediate access to a very large user base, and end users will not have to download nor install any additional software to view it. The Flash Player is also cross- platform compatible and works with several operating systems including Mac, Windows, and Linux. Since all video and audio content is streamed via Flash Media Server, content is not downloaded and stored on end user computers. The viewer will simply receive the data as it is needed at any given moment and then immediately discard it after use. The connection can also be encrypted via the Flash Media Server RTMPE protocol. This encryption protects content and ensures its security. Onimer ( v ) can play any content encoded as Flash Video, On2 Flash Video (Hi-Def), and H.264 formatted video (the standard being used for Blue-Ray and HD-DVD high-definition video), providing the option to broadcast high definition content. Onimer (v) also supports MP3 audio and images (JPG, PNG, and GIF) for launching a web radio station.