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Monday, 11 May 2009

Technology Experts

We specialize in the most advanced and powerful technologies available.

The Onimer™ Content Distribution System

OnimerSuper fast -- Super reliable -- Super small! The Green Arrow Streaming Server is only 5.3" x 4.5" yet its capacity for content distribution is unbelievably powerful. The Green Arrow Streaming Server is WIFI equipped so you literally turn it on, and you're ready to distribute HD quality streaming media both inside and outside of your network. Integrate into your current wireless infrastructure with multiple servers or plug them into your Ethernet network. Either way, it has never been easier to upgrade your network to full streaming media capabilities. Learn More

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  Web Design & Development
An effective web site has the ability to elicit a powerful user experience while simultaneously delivering an intended message. When visitors consistently give a site high marks for content, ease of use, performance, and overall satisfaction -- the site is known as user centered. Green Arrow Interactive is committed to building user centered web sites and associated applications that consistently and effectively convey your message.  All of our sites are:
  • Designed to be dynamic and manageable
  • Well coded for future use
  • Fully managed and Hosted

  Web Development Strategy
We are passionate about what we do.  At Green Arrow Interactive, we are striving to integrate a seamless business-consumer centered design, while improving the technology necessary to deliver the appropriate message at the most effective time. Green Arrow Interactive continues to focus on the challenges of building internet applications that remain modern, reliable and secure.

By utilizing emerging Internet technologies, Green Arrow Interactive has the unique ability to provide effective solutions based on cutting edge technology.  Detailed integration of object-oriented programming and best practices, and rigorously tested agile code-base, further define our commitment, of tailoring design to meet specific client needs.
  1. Target Market Analysis
  2. Information Architecture
  3. Web site design
  4. Usability Evaluation
  5. Web site development and programming
  6. User Experience and Usability Testing
  7. On-going SEO

GA  Search Engine Optimization
A web site cannot be fully effective without reaching the broadest audience possible. In addition to building you an excellent website, Green Arrow Interactive goes the extra step to ensure your sites success.  We will take the necessary measures, through effective search engine optimization strategies, to ensure maximum visibility.  In addition to measuring your baseline established from Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) from Google and Yahoo, we will also analyze 3 month trends of your competitors site(s) and their associated overall global site rankings. Success will be measured based on higher organic SERP listings and an upward trend in global rankings.
  • Key word Research
  • Content Development
  • Linking Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Optimization
  • Analytics

  Content Delivery Network

Online Video Distribution High-Quality and High-Performance Global Delivery of Streaming Online Video TAKE ADVANTAGE of Green Arrow's streaming online video network to support your brand and marketing initiatives without investing in an expensive video infrastructure.

The Green Arrow Streaming Server: Global Delivery of Live, On-Demand and Secure Content. Broadcast television-quality streaming online video without buffering delays or choppy images, through live, on-demand and secure options. Deliver custom, targeted streaming and interactive online video directly to your users around the world with Green Arrow's global, on-demand network of communication servers. Increase your global performance by distributing your online videos across more than 15,000 servers deployed in more than 1,100 networks across 65 countries. Whether you choose on-demand video, interactive corporate presentations, live events or regularly-scheduled broadcasts, Green Arrow will deliver high-quality streaming online video to your global audience.

Reduced Infrastructure and Operating Costs Expand your reach and capability without investing in expensive bandwidth technology, encoding hardware and staffing.Spend more time on valuable content updates, instead of spending money on internally upgrading technology and infrastructure. Green Arrow provides one-stop capabilities: concept, production, implementation, delivery, measurement and reporting. You will also get continuous network upgrades, including monitoring, alerting and reporting - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  OS Independant Software Development

From time-to-time our clients are faced with the need for a custom application that is tailored to a specific solution. Green Arrow can provide a wide range of solutions. To inquire about a custom application solution, please Contact us.

  • Java
  • Adobe AIR™
  • C / C++
  • Objective C and Cocoa

  Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet applications (RIAs) are Web applications that have the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications. Green Arrow Interactive is committed to providing the highest quality interactive products and Internet services. By utilizing emerging Internet technologies, Green Arrow Interactive has the unique ability to provide effective solutions based on cutting edge technology.  Detailed integration of object-oriented programming and best practices, and rigorously tested agile code-base, further define our commitment, of tailoring design to meet specific client needs.

We are always looking forward to new challenges while cultivating relationships that ultimately drive results.

  Social Networking / Social Websites and ApplicationsSocial

Green Arrow Interactive specializes not only in RIA, but also RISA, Rich Internet Social Applications. We build applications and websites with social aspects in mind. Websites like facebook, myspace, and linked in all show us that the web is a excellent place for people to socially interact. Utilizing this concept on your website is a great way of engaging your customers or prospects, while maintaining a stickiness, and a highly reputable website or application. Some examples are but not limited to:

  • Chat rooms and web-cam chat
  • Real-Time video support and chat - Know when someone is on your website in real-time and interact with them, send them an instant message and see if you can help.
  • Video walk-ons - Walk out on your website and engage your visitor.
  • Page customization - If your website provides constantly updated content, or should, allowing visitors their own page ( yahoo, igoogle..etc ) is a great way to maintain a high level of "stickiness" to your website.
  • Gaming - Games are also a great way to engage and get your message out. In todays high tech world, people learn differently. Younger generations grew up on video games ( Nintendo, Atari...etc ), why not embrace this concept? The options are limitless, branding games, educational games...etc.
  • Facebook Applications - Facebook has become an innovator in the social networking realm allowing developers to create their very own social applications and integrate them directly on the facebook platform. This is a excellent way to retrieve a massive amount of viral traffic to your website or application, or simply to get your name or brand out there.

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  eLearning Technology

Training is often an obstacle within the corporate environment and Green Arrow understands this. We have experience delivering custom, industry specific eLearning solutions that help minimize training costs and utilize the Web to bring training to the fingertips of your employees at an on-demand basis. If you need an e-Learning solution, either within a sector of your business or a company-wide solution, Green Arrow can deliver your message.

Are you currently struggling with your corporate or academia online training solution? Is your LMS bloated, unrealiable, and lacking flexibility? Or, are you currently looking to implement an elearning solution and confused about all the offerings out there? Green Arrow Interactive understands these obstacles. Thats why we have created ONIMER (e), an industry specific elearning managment solution that helps to minimize training costs while maximizing user retention rates of materials. Onimer (e) is a web based elearning management system that doesn't require downloaded plugins or difficult network installations. A simple, easy to use solution that is ready to handle your training and/or educational needs

Get Connected with Onimer™

Onimer™ ( e ) Any company or persons passionate and committed to continued learning, development and knowledge transfer for employees and students, or external and internal customers will benefit from Onimer™ ( e ). Onimer™ ( e ) is a full service eLearning management system. Learn more...